The Producer Page: January 1997


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    This is the first time I've felt compelled to respond to something in your newsletter (which I read and enjoy, by the way).
    I read with interest your commentary on the Pervert in the Park faux-pas. The solution to this problem is simple: not having it happen the first place. In our newsroom there is a clearly-stated, written policy in regards to inappropriate pictures. As we are a supper-hour, and therefore "family" show, offensive material may not be broadcast. Period. In the case of a dispute, the story producer will make the final call. Where pictures are shown that MIGHT offend some viewers, we issue a warning in the intro, and use a special advisory key that says "viewer discretion advised."

    Reporters who disregard these guidelines are subject to discipline.

    And by the way, I couldn't help pick up the phrase "trying to stack a show" in the letter from the senior producer for special projects at WTVT in Tampa. I was surprised to see that term used in this day and age. As a lineup producer myself, I would never describe my job in this way; I'm a creator, not a stacker. Maybe this is a reflection of how OTHER producers view the lineup job? I'd be interested to hear some opinions from other producers on this issue.

    Keep up the good work, Alice,
    Wendy Vreeken
    Producer, U.News at Six
    Vancouver, BC, Canada


    Mark Shepherd promoted to Senior Producer at WDIV in Detroit, overseeing production of the 11 p.m. Newscast.