The Producer Page: August 2000

It's a short newsletter, for reasons which will become clear when you check out Producers on the Move.

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              Alice Main, Editor


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    Anonymous Contributor

    Instead of using cutlines like "Coming Up" or "Next" on our teases, we utilize headlines on each tease, which are input by the producer as a CG when writing them before the show. One night, I was in a hurry and inadvertently got some of my stories mixed up: The cutline for a kicker about a musical performance: "DRUG & BUGLE CORPS."

    Another local station was doing a satellite shot with a weather anchor who was in the middle of a long mountain bicycle ride that's very popular in Colorado. During the liveshot, the group of cyclists had just ended their ride for the day and were sitting down for dinner. The studio anchor asked what was being served, the answer was Mexican food, to which the studio anchor said "I know you're riding tandem, so you might want to steer clear of those bean burritos."


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    TIM PRATT has been promoted to Managing Producer at Conus Communications.

    KVUE24 Writer/Producer ROGER SEABROOK is moving from the world of broadcasting to broadband and new media to become a Consultant at Concero ( you can contact him there at after July 20th.

    DERRALL STALVEY accepts his first producer's position at WATE-TV (ABC) in Knoxville, TN. He is currently interning at Dateline NBC in New York and begins his new job in early August.

    ALICE MAIN, after three years as executive producer at WLS-TV in Chicago, leaves her post to spend more time with her children and pursue freelance projects. She is also the founder/editor of The Producer Newsletter and The Producer Page, both of which will continue. Alice's last day at WLS is expected to be Sept. 1. (see below)


    By Alice Main, soon-to-be-former exec producer at WLS

    As editor of this space, I hereby abuse my power to commandeer a section for personal reasons in order to answer the questions I know are coming. Why did I quit?

    • My job keeps me away from home for 13 hours a day. At least 2 of those hours are spent commuting.
    • My kids are 6 & 8 years old, and still like me. In a few years, who knows?
    • I'd like to try new things, including Web design and independent television production and maybe a PTA meeting.
    • I still like the people at WLS.
    • No, they didn't make me leave.
    • Yes, I hope to work there some more in a freelance capacity. Please wish me luck, and feel free to send tips on freelance projects!

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